Innovation and Quality

from concept to delivery

New Standards is a software development company specializing in implementation of innovative apps, sites, and high-complexity enterprise systems.

  • Located in Silicon Valley, the heart of tech innovation
  • More than 100 successful projects delivered
  • Client base:
    • Fortune 500 (Fidelity, Disney, Blue Cross Blue Shield, others)
    • Silicon Valley startups (Smugmug, Townsquared, Fundly, Domuso, etc.)
  • Extensive experience in Mobile Development (iOS and Android apps, mobile optimized web sites, mobile tracking and logistics systems)
  • Deep expertise in complex Web system development (web sites, web integration, web services, ecommerce stores)

Our History

New Standards was founded in 2006 as an R&D unit out of Stanford University, and many of our current team members are MS and PhD graduates from Stanford. In 2008 we were awarded an Innovation award from Google, opening doors for us to many great clients and allowing us to expand into some exceptional opportunities. From those early years of existence onwards, the highest standard for technical quality and innovation is our consistent driving motivation. Since then, we have won other awards, including a prestigious W3 Gold Award and Impact15 awards and nominations.

Our Process

Typically, a client approaches us with an out-of-the-box idea requiring a team of people that can handle a high degree of technical complexity and innovation. Our expertise is to take this idea from its raw, conceptual form and turn it into software that is functional, robust, scalable, easy to use, aesthetic, modern, and profitable. Our first priority is working with the client to add specificity and clarity to the original idea. Wireframes, screen mockups, variations of workflows, and usability improvements are generated by our experienced design team. Once the functional requirements and flow of the application are approved, we provide a time and cost estimate and an implementation plan; this ensures that costs are known upfront and risks areas are reduced before beginning development. Periodic releases are regularly delivered (every 2 weeks typically), enabling the client to validate progress and provide feedback. When all agreed-upon functionality is delivered, extensive Quality Assurance (QA) is performed, and the client performs User Acceptance Testing (UAT). After that, we assist in ensuring a successful launch!
A demo, however, is worth a million words - please contact us for a demo of our systems and our process – we’re sure you’ll find the results compelling.

Our areas of expertise:

We've built more than 100 cutting-edge mobile apps, on all major platforms, for clients such as Fidelity, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Smugmug, and University of Virginia.

We do it all - graphic design, usability, client-side functionality, server-side logic and APIs, database work, integration with social networks and payment systems, extensive QA on dozens of different devices, etc. We are a one-stop shop for turning your idea into an awesome mobile app.

New Standards is an expert in design and implementation of engaging, innovative websites.

We have created and launched dozens of sites for major retailers, wholesalers, luxury resorts and spas, fashion brands, high-end restaurants, etc. Web clients include Disney, American Apparel, Montage Hotels, Casa Del Mar, and many others. Our websites are responsive and designed for use on all digital devices, from desktops to tablets to smartphones, improving user experience and boosting brand image.

We have extensive experience and certifications in several popular enterprise platforms - ATG, Oracle iStore, Magento, Salesforce, Endeca, and others.

Our enterprise architects design systems that are scalable, efficient, secure, easy to maintain and expand. Our developers know well the subtle intricacies of expanding and managing these platforms, and can accomplish great results even within tight timeframes and budgets.

Our Clients


Andrey Odintsov

Head of Development and CEO

Andrey is actively engaged with each New Standards client to ensure that their experience with us is superb and their priorities and goals are achieved in the most effective manner. Andrey has over 20 years of experience in the software development domain. Prior to founding New Standards in 2006, he was a senior member of Professional Services at IBM, Sapient, and Oracle, where he led to successful completion many projects for clients like Boeing, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America. Andrey has a BS in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and MS in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Eugene Suharev

EVP of Strategy

Eugene has a track record of over 30 years as a senior business and technology executive at companies like Xerox, Xerox PARC and DirecTV. He has assembled and managed new organizational environments and business practices, distilling them into rapid product deployment, resolving complex issues, achieving cross-organizational synergies, motivating and developing staff of 100s of employees. Eugene has a strong technical background and extensive experience in inventing, building and deploying complex enterprise systems. As EVP of Strategy, Eugene focuses on strategic account development. Eugene holds Computer Science degree and MBA from USC.

Sanjay Malhotra

Director of Client Success

Sanjay brings to the New Standards team an impressive track record of success working with startup companies as well as Fortune 500 firms; he continues to advise startups in the Silicon Valley, having been through three successfully acquired high-growth ones. Oracle, Interpublic Group (IPG), Revolution Studios, Williams Worldwide TV and Platinum Technologies are a few global companies with which he has worked; clients include NetApp, Cisco, American Apparel, Gymboree, Disney, 20th Century Fox TV, Vodafone, Fuji TV, Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) and others. Sanjay began his career at KPMG, and holds an MBA from USC's Marshall School of Business.

Maxim Aseev

Director of Delivery

Maxim has over 15 years of experience in the software development domain. Prior to joining New Standards, he was the Technical Director at Matrix Solutions, where he successfully led projects for clients like HFR, J.P.Morgan and UBP. Maxim has a BS degree in Computer Science from St. Petersburg State University and MBA from HEC School of Management in Paris.

Olga Ogorodnikova

Director of Quality

Olga has over 11 years of leadership experience in software QA domain. She has managed large teams responsible for manual and automated testing and successfully delivered quality products for clients such as AIG Insurance, T-Mobile, Industrial Alliance, and many others. Her main expertise is in establishing processes and practices that ensure maximal levels of software quality, and in holding development teams to the highest quality standards. Olga has a MS degrees in Mathematics and Management from St. Petersburg State University.

Our Staff

  • We have a large staff of Senior Developers, Designers, QA Testers, and Managers. Each has extensive industry-based experience, expertise in specific domains, exceptional analytic abilities, and a problem-solving mindset. Our teams pride themselves on a proficiency in getting things done, and meeting tight deadlines. Our team is distributed between US and Russia, netting the cost savings of off-shore development while maintaining close and proficient communication with our clients.
  • This model allows us the flexibility and cost-efficiency needed to build high-complexity systems in record time and within tight budgets, while serving a global customer base. In addition to our excellent technical staff, we also have specialists with in-depth expertise in project management, business analysis, UI design, and quality assurance. Our teams work together to consistently create awesome software products.