Fidelity and Partners

FIS (Fidelity Information Systems) is a division of the financial giant Fidelity. For them we have implemented a suite of apps for iOS and Android. This is a very important strategic project for them, because this was their first mobile presence, and they selected New Standards for this work because of our track record in mobile apps and prior work that we have done in financial sector. The applications that we have built for FIS allow their users (who are account holders at Fidelity or their partner) view their account details, submit HSA contributions directly from the mobile app, view transactions, claims, process receipts, and perform other financial and insurance actions. They can also conveniently view email and sms alerts from within the app, and read policy information directly in the app. Because of the financial and personal nature of this functionality, we have designed and implemented a very sophisticated layer of security for these apps. Also, all Fidelity partners enjoy a branded UI, specifically done for their brand (for example see Alegeus in screenshots). This leverages an innovative framework that we have designed and implemented. The framework creates different application UIs, while maintaining the overall functionality and navigation of the app.

iOS appandroid app