Rooms To Go

RoomsToGo is a multi-billion dollar furniture company, with over 100 stores and distribution centers all over US. New Standards was recommended to RoomsToGo as a leader in User Experience optimization, so RoomsToGo asked us to help simplify and improve shopping experience on their existing website. This is how iSofa Configurator was born. This unique one-of-a-kind shopping engine lets user specify wall color, floor type and color, and digitally recreate part of their room, so they can see how well the new sofa would fit there. It also allows them to pick in real time different sofa styles, pillows, and sofa colors to mix-and-match various pieces until they find a perfect furniture ensemble for their room. Furthermore, user can zoom into this dynamically-created room and see it at different zoom levels, even to see the details of the fabric and stitching. This smooth and easy user experience is a result of superb design and usability analysis, as well as significant sophistication of the underlying technical solution - integrated with eCommerce platform, back-end CRM systems, image-rendering tools and utilities, and multi-threaded real-time image generation and processing.

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