Disney Consumer Products (DCP) is a division of Walt Disney company that is responsible for all Disney-branded merchandize worldwide. DCP b-to-b web site is one of the most strategically important Disney assets. It is used for submission and approval of Disney-branded designs by 3rd parties, processing of legal agreements, and collection of licensing fees. It also serves as a portal of communication between Disney and 3rd parties that manufacture Disney-branded products. To implement this site, we have developed an innovative framework that integrates content from Disney's proprietary CMS and CRM systems and exposes this content to the users in an aesthetic, flexible, and convenient manner. This site receives enormous amount of traffic, so we have architected the system with a light-weight, decoupled, redundant and failure-resistant set of technologies. We have also implemented CMS-driven configurations for the site, which resulted in absolute ease of maintenance and great flexibility.

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